LumbaCurve Back Pain Relief A Hit In China

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LumbaCurve received a warm welcome in China. Not surprising with a chronic back pain suffering population of 110m according to the World Health Organisation. CEO and Founder David Pegg was invited over as part of the Lumbacurve present siimon melloniBridge – China ‘Technology for Wellness & Healthy Ageing’ Workshop and celebration of the UK – China Science Bridge.

The workshops, involving nine UK Medtech organisations, run in Tianjin, Guangzhou, and Shunde, were designed to introduce potential commercial partners, coll aborators and investors, with the focus on innovation, medical, and biotech technologies. This was an unprecedented opportunity to form new partnerships in China for commercialisation and to gain entry into the massive Chinese market.

David Pegg commented, “The week was a fantastic experience both at a commercial and personal level. At a personal level the country was amazing and not at all like the portrayal of a grey oppressive regime, but with warm open cheerful and welcoming people, either government officials, business contacts or just everyday folk. I am pleased to announce that I am now an expert in the use of chopsticks after a shaky start!”

fantastic hospitality for lumbacurve“In terms of business potential, there was a huge interest in LumbaCurve, which historically has its formative roots in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). We have made some really exciting contacts both as opportunities for commercialisation of LumbaCurve into China, but also several potential joint collaborators in the development of next generation LumbaCurve therapies in e-health or digital medicine applications. We’ll be driving these relationships forwards over the coming months”

“The week was incredibly intense with internal flights and journeys between cities and long days, but the organisation and hospitality of our hosts was absolutely brilliant. A big thank you must be made to the British Consulate and DIT officials for providing all manner of support “

“If this is the post Brexit world for trade then the UK really has nothing to fear but instead has a wealth of amazing opportunities to look forward to.


Key Message: LumbaCurve provides relief for sufferers of non-specific low back pain through it’s innovative and precisely designed and engineered shape, and is proven to out perform current standards of treatment in the UK

LumbaCurve is drug free, non-invasive and is easy to use. Advantages of the product have been demonstrated in head to head studies against current best practice in the UK with the findings published in the Bone and Joint Journal.

In 2016 LumbaCurve won the UK’s Holistic Product of The Year Award. The product has recently been showcased on national TV and has featured in Numerous health and lifestyle publications including Health Magazine, Woman, Natural Health, Runners Magazine and The Daily Mail.