Artur Mantura  (Poland)    Brilliant Idea Which is Working        Amazon Verified Purchase
As a young 16 yo, I was diagnosed with a Lumbar Spine disc split. Through the years I did find a way how to manage this problem. The real challenge come in my late 40is when I started travelling with my professional grade photography equipment which is just heavy and my lumbar expressed that. Yes, I know … but for middle age man like myself, the phone is …. For phoning(?) ….After extensive research and failures experienced from two other “ miracle ‘’ toys from the Far East I found this promising little device, but much more … substantial than the previous two, nice and well made actually a what is most important for me is more than suitable to travel with me which I did a couple of occasions. Does it work for my lumbar issue? The clear answer is YES! Work brilliantly on my back after all day “exercise” with a photographer backpack. Do I know how? Well … the honest answer is No - I don’t know. I can only guess because my curiosity pushes me to find out a little bit more about this device, which is actually quite light and very sturdy. I got to the point where I found an explanation related to Chinese Medicine, saying we have to apply pressure to points of energy meridians, in this case, The lumbar Meridians…if that makes sense. So far so good and no regrets yet to well spent money. This is actually my second device as the first one never come back to me from my friend-an extensive golf player…. Because been “ stolen “ from him by his friend …. a building contractor. Long as it works for them like for me I’m ok with the …’’ The friendly theft crime’’… ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Nicola C    (Mansfield)   Facebook Recommendation
I’ve been a long sufferer of back pain. Thought I’d give lumbacurve a go.
My lower back pain was quite bad when I first tried the lumbacurve and could only use for a few minutes. I did this for just a couple of days and the difference was unbelievable. I stopped taking pain killers and my pain eased.
I only now use it if I get a tiny twinge and it stops the flair up from happening. So glad I gave this a go and thank you so much it’s a great help for me.
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Julie R    (Blackpool)   - Facebook recommendation / Amazon verified purchase
Having had significant pain for over 30 years and a diagnosis of fibromyalgia with lots of back pain - I am amazed. I have kept working by trying everything - Pilates, Alexander Technique, gym, swimming, physiotherapist, been to chiropractors and pain medication. It has been an ongoing challenge. It has been somewhat effective but I have always been in some pain with occasional bouts of really debilitating episodes - where I couldn’t get out of bed. I tried it [LumbaCurve] on an off chance - and after just a few minutes, all of my pain has gone. I am working up to the exercises part still but I was immediately free of lower back pain and could move more than I have been able to in years, just after the first try. Over the next few days my rib pain, neck and upper back pain has gradually gone. I am astounded that something that seems so simple is so effective

PL    (Amazon Feedback   Seller performance rating)
"helped my sore back immensely"       5 Stars

PS    (Twitter post  @LumbaCurve 30 Aug)
Best product I have bought and used. I procrastinated for ages. If you can get one at a price that suits then buy one. Not an influencer. Bought using my own ££

TK    (Amazon Customer Review)    5 Stars
"A Life Changing Product" -  I must admit I was sceptical when I bought this product but I met the guy who designed it at a trade conference and he was a genuine, hard working man, so I gave it a try. It's the best money I ever spent. This product has literally changed my husband's life. All in a matter of weeks. It's one of those rare finds - simple product design, brilliantly effective and superb value for money.

Dr SM   (Sports injury diagnosis)
I was a bit scared of it at first 🙂 I didn't want it to "flare up" the back pain, as it were. I therefore used it in a gradual way and was surprised it seemed to help relieve my back pain. I'm still trying to work out how it's doing good as my back (and occasional sciatica) doesn't always like to be in spinal extension, especially for more than a few minutes. Is Lumbacurve imparting distraction (traction  forces)  on the intervertebral discs?  I'm very interested in suggesting that some my patients try the device.

James   (Amazon Launchpad user comment)
I have used Lumbacurve every morning without fail for over a year and all I can say it is BRILLIANT-- it has significantly eased my stiff lower back-- without taking any rotten pills.    Highly recommended.

RH   (NHS Primary Healthcare Centre  - East Lancashire)
Several staff members have tried LumbaCurve back pain relief, have been very impressed, and thought it was a great easy to use piece of equipment with great effects. Those who have tested the LumbaCurve thus far have had general back aches and pains.

Gary   (St Agnes)
Speaking from someone who has used this for the last one and a half years after an excruciating period of sciatica I can say this has been the best £50 I've ever spent. And no I've not been paid to say that. It's just that it has really worked for me and I think personal experiences with this are a good way to recommend it.

LW   (Hertfordshire)   BBC TV - "The Customer is Always Right"
I received my LumbaCurve today.  I felt I had to contact you to say thank you.  Although it felt a bit uncomfortable to use (I imagine it will become more comfortable with time), my back feels looser and less painful than it has in months. I am very happy.  I plan to get my husband using it too.
Once again thank you for inventing such a simple and effective item.  I think this will change lives.

KS   (Sales Manager  - Manchester) 
Hi David. Hope you ere well and the business is doing well. I thought I would drop you a line to say we were just talking about my back with my wife. If you remember when we met, I'd been plagued by crippling lower back pain and had been on an intense physical therapy course at the hospital to no avail, but after 7 years of it blighting my life, I'm pain free and even did Tough Mudder last year and now cycle to work every day. So thank you for changing my life.  

GH   ( Cyclist  - Cornwall) 
I'm continuing to use LumbaCurve everyday. While I’m not 100% my pain is now 0-1/10 as apposed to 9-10/10 so I see it as my daily maintenance.

DH   (Retired building society manager   - Moraira, Spain) 
For many years I have ‘shelled out’ large sums of money to battalions of chiropractors, osteopaths, and the like, to cure a lower back problem. Most of them gave some temporary relief, but the slightest ill judged movement would cause the need for yet another visit.A couple of years ago, I was invited to test a new device called LumbaCurve. I use it not only when I have a back problem, but also from time to time as a regular exercise. All I can say is that LumbaCurve, combined with gentle walking exercise, has provided me with instant relief. Over the past two years, I have had fewer problems with my back pain, which I can only attribute to using LumbaCurve

J A R  (Amazon verfied purchase) 
It does what it says on the tin   (5 stars)

MT   (Health company director - Bristol) 
"The LumbaCurve really works and works quickly. This is great because when people start to see results quickly they continue using it and get to see the maximum benefit. Both my wife and I have used the product and the new one is just as effective but without being as cumbersome as the old one"

PH  (Financial services - London) 
I purchased LumbaCurve via Amazon on Tuesday and it arrived on Wednesday!
Anyway, I tried this last night without any problem. I also had 1 session of physio on the Tuesday night. Not sure whether one or both have already had an effect but woke up this morning for the first time without having a limp since having a back spasm over a month ago

Natasha Lazzerini   Sports and remedial massage (Malaga Spain)
I wrote to you before Christmas regarding a client of mine. She has been in severe pain from Osteoarthritis of the Lumbar spine for over 5 years. Following several types of pain blocking medication, Botox, physiotherapy etc. without any results her doctors concluded that there was nothing more that could be done for her.
Her quality of life was becoming so badly affected she was in constant pain and couldn't walk very far without having to sit down. I am a Sports and Remedial Massage therapist and Scenar Practitioner and having assessed her current exercises and stretches after a full medical consultation, I concluded that the Lumbacurve may be of some benefit to her.
She began daily exercises on the Lumbacurve starting slowly for very short periods of time and then increased to a few minutes a day. She has informed me that after a few short months her pain has reduced by 80-90% !! She is absolutely thrilled and incredibly grateful to you, me and the Lumbacurve ! She says she has her life back again and looks forward to the future again!! This is such wonderful news!
I live and work in southern Spain and the Lumbacurve is not very well known here. I feel that many of my clients could benefit from this product in conjunction with Sports massage.

PAS (Amazon verfied purchase) 
I had been looking at this since it was released and trying to decide if it would be better than the back stretcher I already had. Initially I still wasn't sure but as the days went by and a few clicks of my lower back later I really like this product. I took it with me on holiday and used it everyday. I try to use it once a day and sometimes twice but find my back can be too stiff in the morning. Give it a try and see if it works for you.   (5 stars)

Paul (Cyclist)
I procrastinated so much about buying Lumbacurve. After using for few weeks should have purchased earlier. So much better for me  (5 stars)

Jim (Amazon verified Purchase)
I have used this Lumbacurve every day for 3 months without fail. Initially I was very cautious, now a little bolder. I use it for about 6 minutes per session, doing the things as per video. I HAD creaking backache every morning on getting up. Now I have much LESS backache. I also do exercises like touching Toes, praying to Mecca type movements. I think Lumbacurve has helped a lot, I would say, go for it. I am an active 80 year old.  (5 stars)

Masafumi Kimura, Japan
I am now using the Lumbacurve and really good so far to me. LumbaCurve is also being used by my coworker and very satisfied.

Mrs B W   Cheshire
I found the LumbaCurve website by chance after suffering with back and leg pain for almost five months. I thought I had tried everything to relive the pain. My LumbaCurve arrived on Friday last and I have used it on each of the three days since then. I cannot believe the relief I have had from using this device. Obviously I am still having a certain amount of pain and discomfort but at least I am now able to move much more easily. I feel all osteopaths should have one of these in their surgery, I expected to have to use it for at least a couple of weeks before noticing any improvement but I have been pleasantly surprised to see such rapid progress. Thank you

Bad Back Company
The Clinical trials for LumbaCurve look very promising and initial findings report definite improvements

AF (Chester)
The Product is superb and truly works. Hubby and business partner fighting over it!. Any chance of a promotion code to order another one please?
Website response: Glad you like LumbaCurve Back Pain Relief! Yes More than happy to provide a promotion code LINKEDIN which will apply a 25% discount for a second unit. Have a great 2017

Alison Daniels Editor Holistic Therapist Magazine
As well as trying it myself, a couple of friends, both who have recently taken days off work with lower back problems, borrowed it. One with recurrent sciatica, who had been forced to sleep on the floor by the pain was able to resume sleeping in her bed after a few short sessions on LumbaCurve. I guess she is very impressed as she still hasn't given it back!

DH CEO - Fitness Company (Lincolnshire)
I myself suffer with lower back pain and was looking for something alternative to medication and came across the lumbacurve, this product instantly amazed me with how effective it was, after a few sessions my lower back pain had gone and I now use this everyday for 15 mins and it works wonders, highly recommend this product to anyone who suffers from LBP.
Website response: Thank you for the feedback David

LP (Herts)
Thank you for Lumbacurve, which does seem to be having a positive effect on my back.
Website response: Thank you for letting us know

Mark Phillips (Sussex)
I've been using the Lumbacurve for a couple of years now for my lower back pain from playing rugby and generaly getting older pains and it really does hit the spot. If you've tried other devices then I recommend Lumbacurve and I don't work for them or get any commission for making these comments. Great design and great results!
Website response: Thank you for the comment and pleased LumbaCurve works for you.

Andrew Evans Founder of RMG (Runcorn)
Great product, that really works, I've been using mine daily for a couple of years.
Website response: Thank you Andrew - great to get praise from someone within healthcare

TB Manchester
Great product for low back pain

KS  (Sales Manager - Lancashire)
"I was diagnosed 7 years ago with prolapsed discs and have had to suffer constant back pain that varies in intensity depending on the activities I attempt. I used to enjoy challenging hiking trips but could only manage to walk for an hour before the pain became too strong . Since using LumbaCurve my condition hasn't been cured but the amount of activities I can do has increased considerably and I even managed to walk up Aira Force in the Lake District after erecting a tent on a camping trip. This hasn't been possible since I developed the back condition.
I was very sceptical about LumbaCurve back pain relief initially, but I felt an improvement after one week and wish I'd heard of the product sooner. As I said it wont cure prolapsed discs but I'm no longer having to let back pain dictate my life."

 ST  (GP   London)
Very Helpful. I was a bit scared at first. I therefore used it in a gradual way and was surprised how it seemed to help my back pain. I'm still trying to work out how its doing my back good as my back doesn't always like to be in spinal extension. 

AL     Leisure centre manager(Accrington)
Recovering from a bulging disc and this helped so much, reduced the pain in a matter of days now i'm almost back to normal with no back pain at all

Phil Hampton, Middlesex
Helped my sore back immensely

Karen Bourne Worcestershire    (Amazon verified purchase)
This is amazing, I have chronic back conditions & this really helps  (5 Stars)

SS    (Health worker - Manchester)
I was a bit doubtful at first, but after using LumbaCurve for only a few days, my movement was a lot better, with the pain and swelling gradually reducing.” “I found LumbaCurve easy to use, and would recommend it to anyone experiencing lower back problems.It’s a great piece of equipment to have around for peace of mind - to know that if you ‘over do’ things, you have something at hand that will help you to recover quickly and painlessly. It gives you a better quality of life

DF Painter and Decorator (Salford)
I'm making steady progress recovering from sciatica using the lumbacurve. Took some time getting comfy with it but it is making a difference.

TB Travel business (Manchester)
I really do rate your Lumbacurve highly, I always know when an attack is imminent and a few days on the LC stave off the pain which would otherwise last months.

Derek Barnes (Cheshire)
Hosted Phone Ltd
I am a regular cyclist and skier an after a hard day's exercise when my lower back is in pain, I simply lie on my lumbacurve for a short while and it gives me instant relief, by no means a miracle cure, simply a common sense method of correcting my lower back strain, it works every time!

Stephen Brierley HGV driver (Darwen)
I’ve used an osteopath for several years but have been presently surprised with the low back pain relief that LumbaCurve gives me. I still have a certain amount of pain and discomfort, but at least I am now able to move much more easily.
Having worked in manual occupations all my working life, pure posture has taken its toll on my lower back. I can trace my problems back to being a welder, where many jobs often entailed adopting a poor posture, for extended periods whilst working in awkward positions.
In my current occupation (15 years as a HGV driver), this back pain is aggravated through sitting for long periods behind the wheel in a static position.

Colin (Blackburn)
Wow, never knew stretching could feel this good! Thank you.

JW Refrigeration Engineer (Oswaldtwiste)
I do a lot of weightlifting and got lower back pain as before, in the gym. After using LumbaCurve for a week ny back pain has now gone.

GP Financial and Pensions Advisor  (Brussels, Belgium)
Being a back pain sufferer for over six years, I had learned to live with the constant pain and deteriorating mobility, waking in the morning and feeling those first stabs of pain.
After the first few days of using LumbaCurve, I went through the doubting stage, ‘that this was not going to work’, but willingly kept going. After one week I started to notice a difference. By using LumbaCurve, and carrying out the simple exercise routine, I was experiencing greater mobility and less back pain. By the end of week two, I no longer woke each morning with sciatic pain, and was moving around much more easily.
I have now made the LumbaCurve routine part of my daily life. I didn’t believe that LumbaCurve would have helped me so much, but am so thankful for being introduced to LumbaCurve. I now feel my age, not someone ten years older.

MG (Maintenance engineer  Middlesex)
If my discomfort or lower back pain was described as 100% before using LumbaCurve, would describe the back pain as 20% afterwards. Very solid – can be re-used again and again, if ever needed. Getting it positioned in the correct part of the lower back can be a problem, but it does work. Uncomfortable to begin with but that is to be expected. Would recommend.

AS  (Building Surveyor    Surrey   - Interviewee on ITV - Dr Chris Steel's Medical Show)
Years of motor cycling were probably responsible for my lower back pain, not some specific injury. After trialling Lumbacurve, and experiencing a substantial improvement in my condition, both in terms of mobility and pain reduction, I was only too happy to appear in a recent TV feature on LumbaCurve.

SG Clerical Assistant (Derby)
Using LumbaCurve only a few times was quite amazing with my back immediately feeling much more free and a dramatic reduction in my back pain.
Before that I would come in to work, quite often in pain, the legacy of a very severe horse riding accident several years that put me in hospital for a month.
Read more of about LumbaCurve in the media and through our expert reviews – real views from real people.