LumbaCurve Invited to China

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Press Release:

David pegg with LumbacurvePleased to announce that LumbaCurve back pain relief has been invited to China in July as part of a UK-China Open Innovation programme “Technologies for Wellness and Healthy Ageing”
The joint workshops involving about 10 UK medical technology companies, and organised by iBridge in Tianjin, Guangzhou, and Shunde, is an opportunity for LumbaCurve to be evaluated for possible collaboration into e-health or digital medicine applications in China.

Using patented technology, LumbaCurve back pain relief combines passive gravity assisted traction with the effects of acupressure stimulation and has been clinically proven[1] to significantly improve patient reported back pain levels.

CEO, David Pegg, commented, “It’s fantastic that LumbaCurve is now receiving international recognition, partly due to its recent exposure on the BBC “The Customer is Always Right”, in addition to receiving an award for Holistic Therapy UK Product of the Year”
“I’m looking forward to meeting with and presenting LumbaCurve to representatives of the Tianjin, Shunde, and Guangzhou provincial governments. Exciting times!”
“The focus on the programme will be to explore the use of technologies to promote healthy lifestyle in ageing populations and with lower back pain accounting for 11 per cent of the entire disability burden from all disease and costing the countBest Remedy for Lower Back Painry more than £10.7 billion a year in the UK alone, LumbaCurve offers a simple, drug free home treatment for back pain suffers. China is no exception with some 100 million reported sufferers of it’s own”

LumbaCurve’s innovative portable device and daily five-minute exercise routine gently stretches the lower back, causing the vertebral joints to separate. This allows the discs to relax and releases the spinal nerves, offering natural pain relief.