Working From Home and Inconsistent Desk Set-Ups Leads to Increase in Back Pain

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Homeworking Back pain treatmentThe Covid-19 lockdown has seen more people suffering back problems and according to LumbaCurve, the rise has been caused by homeworkers not taking appropriate measures to protect their back when working from home.
The British Chiropractic Association (BCA) confirms these claims. Recent research from the Association found that a fifth of respondents were working from the sofa and one in 10 from their bed, with 20% blaming work for back or neck pain experienced.
David Pegg, creator of LumbaCurve said: “Back pain is common and more often than not, people will medicate to diminish pain without treating the cause. This is especially true now as seeing a GP, physio or chiropractor face to face is less achievable.
“There are some obvious ways to help avoid back pain. So, for example, getting up every 30 minutes and moving around to make a drink promotes circulation and keeps muscles mobile. If the chair does not have good lower back support, roll a towel and place it behind your lower back to help improve posture and support.
“Elevating the laptop so that it is eye level is also a good idea and working from the bed or sofa is ill-advised as posture is impaired, increasing incidence of back pain and posture issues.”
Lumbacurve back pain relief productLumbaCurve is an ergonomically designed device to help relieve lower back pain naturally. Its patented design lends itself to comfortably sit under the lower back and effectively apply pressure to specific acupressure points in the lower back associated with pain relief as practised in Shiatsu massage or other Oriental therapies, whilst simultaneously helping to stretch and mobilise muscles.
The simple exercises carried out on LumbaCurve encourage the spinal joints to mobilise, attempting to push the joints apart, allowing the discs to relax and ease pressure on the nerves causing the pain.
David added: “LumbaCurve offers a solution. It’s a convenient treatment for lower back pain that is clinically proven to help reduce pain in as little as 30 days! Its ability to apply acupressure to specific points whilst stretching the lower back effectively helps mobilise and ease pain. When people do the simple exercises twice a day, results can be life changing.
“This device is clinically proven to help lower back pain, reducing the need for painkillers.”
Seeing a chiropractor or physiotherapist or masseuse face to face remains uncertain and costly. Sessions can begin from £35 p/h. LumbaCurve is a cost-effective device that can reproduce results from a chiropractor or physio, in the comfort of your own home.
Simple to use and clinically proven effectiveness, LumbaCurve, when used twice daily for five minutes in the comfort of the home, offers a sustainable, cost-effective way to help treat back pain that may have arisen from working from home at an ergonomically inadequate work station. LumbaCurve is available to buy here

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