Back Pain Relief Product Wins International Recognition – Press Release

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North West company Lumbapro has received major medical recognition for its revolutionary back pain relief product LumbaCurve. It’s estimated that 30 to 40% of the adult population are suffering lower back pain at any given time, and over 80% of us will experience back pain over a lifetime. The good news is that help could be here with this amazing device, designed to reduce back pain, and ease mobility. LumbaCurve has now had independent clinical research on its effectiveness endorsed in a peer reviewed international medical journal
Lumbacurve back pain reliefLow back pain or sciatica is becoming the scourge of western society both in terms of days lost to industry and the sheer cost of treating it. In the UK alone it’s estimated that there are 100 million man days lost annually with a cost to the country in the order of £6 billion. According to the BMA, the NHS alone spends £1.6 billion treating back pain, with around a million and a half outpatients each year. For the individual, lower back ache often leads to despair and depression, because of the seemingly often ineffective treatments offered for the condition.
Fortunately for many sufferers the eighteen month clinical evaluation of the unique drug free LumbaCurve has now been validated with confirmation that it is far more effective in relieving back pain than the standard treatment guidelines currently advocated by the NHS.
The research carried out by the University of Central Lancashire Movement Analysis Laboratory showed that over a four week intervention programme, significant improvements in patient reported back pain levels were demonstrated following standardised care plus LumbaCurve intervention. The abstract was published in the UK Bone and Joint Journal
Using patented technology, LumbaCurve back pain relief combines a passive gravity assisted traction with the effects of acupressure stimulation. Used by individuals for self help or physiotherapists, chiropractors, and osteopaths alike, the LumbaCurve design also provides the user with the combined benefits of shiatsu stimulation, yogic stretch, and acupressure massage.
The research paper has now been published in the PRM Journal of Quantitative Research in Rehabilitation Medicine
david pegg lumbacurveCEO David Pegg commented, “We were pleased with the feedback we have received from users and indeed healthcare professionals, but we wanted to substantiate this scientifically to differentiate LumbaCurve from the many products in the market for back pain relief that are simply unproven. In order to do this, we submitted LumbaCurve for clinical evaluation in the form of randomised control group trials, going head to head with standard NHS treatment guidelines for low back pain.
The results showed LumbaCurve pain relief to be incredibly up to six times more effective than the NHS group!  Needless to say, we are delighted that the research has now been endorsed internationally and that as a direct result of this LumbaCurve has since been invited to participate in a development venture with a multinational medical company”
LumbaCurve is suitable for adults who experience lower back pain as a result of occupational posture related conditions for example pc users, drivers or recreationally aggravated conditions such as in golfers or gardeners. LumbaCurve is very easy to use, simply lie down, slide LumbaCurve under your lumbar region, follow the instructions, and carry out a few exercises. With minimal time and effort, the effects could be amazing.
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