What Is LumbaCurve?

LumbaCurve is a clinically tested device that provides back pain relief and mobility, focussing on the lower back or lumbar region (joints L4/L5/S1) where back pain commonly occurs.
To put it simply, back pain occurs where tissue (often a disc) touches a nerve. If you can alter that condition then you can relieve the back pain.
This is ultimately what LumbaCurve does.
It was developed by Company founder David Pegg to help his own friend’s lower back pain. With the use of his engineering background, and after much trial and error over several years, David finally hand built this ergonomic design that would become LumbaCurve.
Its final design works to:
  • Gently stretch the lumbar spine, much like a physiotherapist would. Referred to in medical terms as passive gravity assisted traction (PGAT) which causes the pressure on the discs to be reduced.
  • Help mobilise the facet joints, similar to the "thumbing" action of a chiropractor. This attempts to push the joints apart, allowing the discs to relax and ease pressure on the nerves causing the pain.
  • Apply pressure to acupressure points in the lower back associated with pain relief as practised in Shiatsu massage or other Oriental therapies.
The modalities LumbaCurve incorporates can be performed by yourself in the comfort of your own home, in your own time, with no waiting rooms or waiting lists.
At just £49.95, it is a much more cost effective back pain relief product compared to private healthcare costs. And in terms of time, this ingenious drug-free device will have helped accomplish back pain relief within the time it takes for your NHS appointment/referral to arrive.
Clinical studies have found that LumbaCurve can significantly reduce lower back pain within 1 week and furthermore effectively in 4 weeks!
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A brief introduction to LumbaCurve back pain relief. The most effective treatment for lower back pain therapy yet devised.
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