Recognise the signs banish back pain with Lumbacurve’s simple tips

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Whether it’s busy lifestyles, bad postures or the other health issues, more and more people are experiencing back pain and with around one in three people suffering from it, it’s one of the most common reasons for a GP appointment.

According to David Pegg of Lumbacurve, a patented device that’s proven to relieve lower back pain, there are certain tell-tale signs to look out for.

David says: “While most back pain isn’t serious and usually improves over time, it’s worth looking out for early warning signs.

“Most back pain causes are divided into non-specific and specific.

“Specific back pain is considered more serious as parts of the spin are damaged and trigger discomfort, such as a slipped disc, a fracture or inflammation in the spinal joints and ligaments. These may require more professional treatment and it’s advisable to see your GP.

“Non-specific back pain, on the other hand, is often caused by a simple strain of the muscles, tendons or ligaments around your back and there some simple things you can do prevent or recover from back pain.”

While it is difficult to prevent back, David suggests a few ways to reduce the risk of succumbing to longer term back problems.

To coincide with Back Pain Week 2019 (7th to 11th October), here are David’s top tips:

  • Watch your posture when sitting, using computers or watching television and avoid sitting for too long in one place
  • Take care when lifting
  • Ensure the mattress on the bed is supportive
  • Staying active by doing regular exercise to help keep the back strong
  • Lose weight as being overweight can increase the risk of developing back pain

Increasingly people are turning to Lumbacurve to relieve their lower back pain.

One user, Julie Rogers, posted on Lumbacurve’s Facebook page: “Having had significant pain for over 30 years and a diagnosis of fibromyalgia with lots of back pain – I am amazed. I have kept working by trying everything – Pilates, Alexander Technique, gym, swimming, physiotherapist, been to chiropractors and pain medication. It has been an ongoing challenge.

“It has been somewhat effective, but I have always been in some pain with occasional bouts of really debilitating episodes – where I couldn’t get out of bed. I tried it on an off chance – and after just a few minutes, all of my pain has gone. I am working up to the exercises part still, but I was immediately free of lower back pain and could move more than I have been able to in years, just after the first try. Over the next few days my rib pain, neck and upper back pain has gradually gone. I am astounded that something that seems so simple is so effective.”

Lumbacurve is a unique and simple device that provides drug free relief and mobility to sufferers of back pain by focusing on the lower back or lumbar region. By lying on Lumbacurve, the lumbar spine is gently stretched, causing the pressure on the discs to be reduced, rather like a physiotherapist would do with stretching exercises.

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