Armed Forces Back Pain Relief Device

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Army opts for camouflaged LumbaCurve Back Pain Relief

LumbaCurve in camouflage design has been selected as the British Army’s primary therapy for back pain relief for soldiers on active combat duty. The initial contract is for the supply of the camouflage version for use in jungle warfare where combatants are often carrying 70lb back packs for days at a time. LumbaCurve is seen as the ideal solution to rebalance posture and reduce back pain.





Army procurement officer Captain Ivor Baddun commented “Aside from the sheer practicality of LumbaCurve being drug free, and totally portable, its camouflage effect is incredibly useful in jungle conditions. It means that any of the lads suffering can have a quick five minutes lie down on LumbaCurve with less risk of being seen and shot at which is a massive plus”.


NATO  Trials with a snow white version of LumbaCurve for back pain relief in arctic conditions are ongoing. Plans for an EU Army version in blue with 27 or 28 little yellow stars are currently on hold until the end of May or April (whichever occurs first)



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