Back Pain from Sedentary Lifestyle?

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LumbaCurve back pain womanIn an article that in The Peninsular (DOHA), it was reported that sedentary lifestyle is leading to an increasing incidence of lower back pain, according to experts. Marking the World Health Day on 7th April, Al Ahli Hospital held an exhibition and a Public Interaction Programme in the evening focusing on lower back pain.

Some 240 people got their bone mineral density scanned as part of the exhibition. Bone Mineral Density (DEXA) scans were done free for the public and results were interpreted by the Doctors from the hospital’s Rheumatology/Orthopaedic department.

Apart from this, various departments of the hospital Orthopaedic, Neurology, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic Medicine Clinics and Pharmacy offered advice on low back pain. “We feel that the focus should be on lower back pain as there is an increasing incidence of the cases,” said Dr Nasser M Gamal AlGwad, Consultant Orthopaedics and Spinal Deformities, Al Ahli Hospital.

“The life time prevalence of the problem is up to 75 percent and is usually seen in people around 35 years of age. This means that the problems come when people are in the prime of their life which can affect the economic growth of any country.” At least 15 percent of the cases are caused due to organic or problems related to the spine, pelvic or abdomen. Some 85 percent are non-specific lower back pain cases as there is no clear understanding of the cause.

“However, if treated early in the good way, there can be good improvement in the back pain. For most of the non-specific lower back pains, it can be treated by adjustment of activity and postures, and some in some cases with medication. However, if the pain is caused due to other problems as in spine or abdomen, surgery might be required,” he said

“Back pain is the most common of health problems and one in every four adults will at some point in their lives suffer from the problem. In most of the cases, the pain is not that harsh or severe. Still, the pain can be a distraction affecting the quality of life,” said Dr Emmanuel Tolessa, Director of Orthopaedics and Traumatology

“Wear and tear of spinal disc, degeneration, obesity and sedentary jobs can cause back pain. Whilst some instances cannot be avoided, like old age and accidents, we can change certain habits that will go a long way in reducing back pain cases Hence it is best to take exercise it to save your back. At least 60 to70 percent of the patients in my clinic are with low back pain,” he said.

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