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gardening back pain relief
LumbaCurve is ideal after gardening
Now that Autumn is with us, thoughts turn to getting busy with the big clear out in the garden, often now looking a little bedraggled and in need of a major tidy up before the onset of winter. A final rake and treatment for the lawn, cutting back and pruning of bushes and trees, and soon to come the raking of fallen leaves.  Not far down the line will be the recurrence of our lower back pain, followed by the thoughts that “I’ve overdone it”, and the search for back pain relief or back pain treatments.
It’s this sudden activity of digging or racking or sweeping, or even repainting the sorry looking decking after a reasonably prolonged period without exercise, that can trigger acute lower back pain. Usually, these activities entail us adopting poor posture for relatively extended periods of time, with motions involving repetitive twisting, moving our rake or hoe towards us, and lifting way from ourselves (such as digging), that cause our back pain.
Generally it’s not necessarily the weights involved, (although clay soil is generally not much fun!), that end up causing us back pain, its often the fact that our backs are not designed for these repetitive, un-ergonomic movements, certainly not for extended period of time.
Although the lower back pain doesn’t necessarily become excessive whilst we are digging or raking. It’s usually afterwards, during the night, or the following day, after we’ve rested, that inflammation or swelling occurs in the joints around the lumbar region of the lower back, causing them to ‘stiffen’ and the inevitable onset of back pain and discomfort.
Back pain can occur as a result of those inter-vertebral nerves positioned very close to the swollen joints or tissue becoming irritated or pinched. This can manifest itself in sciatica symptoms and pain down our legs or buttocks, or indeed back pain as a result of muscle spasm.
The nerves exiting between the vertebrae are positioned very close to the swollen joints. These nerves can become “pinched” or “irritated” triggering back pain. This can lead to acute muscle spasm and pain that may or may not travel down to the leg or buttocks.
What’s the Solution?
The most effective back pain treatment for this condition is to encourage normal movement of the area and keep it that way long enough for it to heal, and try to keep reasonable mobile. By having good mobility in the swollen and sore joints, the inflamed tissues can be ‘flushed out’ as the circulation inside the joint is improved, helping the joints heal much faster.
To reduce the inflammation and swelling around the nerves and joints, to derive back pain relief, it’s often useful to apply an ice pack for about fifteen minutes or so at a time, two or three times a day. Although usually this type of self inflicted back pain will ease gradually in a few days, but if conservative back pain therapy doesn’t work, then it’s worthwhile making an appointment to see your GP just to ensure that something more serious is not causing the back pain, such as a disc herniation.
Looking For Effective Lower Back Pain Relief?
LumbaCurve stretching for back painOne very effective method of treating simple mechanical low back pain is LumbaCurve, offering  a passive gravity stretch to help rebalance the natural curvature of the lumbar spine. It’s incredibly easy to use for just a few minutes a day. Simply lie down, slide LumbaCurve under the lower back, and relax. The result could be amazing in terms of pain relief.
Clinically Proven Back Pain Relief
lumbacurve-pain-relief-graphDrug free LumbaCurve has been independently clinically tested against NHS standard treatment guidelines (NICE) and has been found to be significantly more effective. It was recently the runaway winner of The Holistic Therapist Magazine Product of The Year and has just received a further nomination from Fitness Magazine
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